Friday, January 23, 2015

What Google Adsense is

For some people, Google adsense is a foreign word that is not understood. But for the senior bloggers, this word is very understandable. This is one way to make money through online business. The bloggers often call with GA. Income earned big enough because paid in dollar exchange rate. GA is a program pay per click (PPC) owned internet company, Google Inc. This is an affiliate program from Google for a very popular internet business. How do we make money? Google will place ads on your website or blog. Advertisers will be paid by Google equivalent to the amount of clicking on ads that are installed.

Actually, Google adsense is not the only Google's PPC program that can provide a large enough income. But because it is so easily revenue money from GA, this program is preferred by many bloggers in the world. In Americas and Europe, the use of GA has been used easily. In Indonesia, the Google respond is less because most of the ads that are displayed in English. Along with the development of technology and the increasing number of applicable professional blogger Indonesia, the GA can now be used by bloggers Indonesia.

Income you receive can range between $ 100 to thousands of dollars per month, depending on your tenacity in treating a blog and want to redirect visitors to click on ads that are on your blog. Google adsense transaction occurs when there is a viewer clicks on any ads there. Then you as a site manager will be paid according to the type of ads displayed. So large-small your income depends on the number of clicks from visitors to your site. If you are an avid blogger, it is not possible you can collect thousands of dollars every month.

There are various types of ads in Google adsense, namely:

1. Adsense for search
Publisher will display the Google search engine on your blog or website. You will get a commission when visitors to search directly on the search engines that appear on the site.
2. Adsense for content
GA ad will appear in the articles section of your site. This ad type is used by internet marketers.
3. Adsense for mobile
This particular type of display is for a mobile phone.
4. Adsense for video
If you are involved in YouTube, then this kind of advertising you use.

In addition to several types of advertising on Google adsense above, those types of ads are Adsense for domains and Adsense for feeds. For adsense for domains, allowing publishers with unused domains to help users obtain information relevant to provide content on the domain. While Adsense for feeds is placing ads on the Google feed management. Indeed, you should adjust the type of ad GA with a blog or website that you have. Therefore, this is what will determine your income every month.

Nevertheless it is not easy to register your site to Google adsense because Google will assess the quality of your blog or website. Usually, the blog of free providers will be difficult to be accepted by the Google of being perceived as less attractive sites for advertising appearances there. However it is possible if you are diligent in updating the content and has a lot of visitors, Google can accept your submission GA.

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