Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to do Link Building Successfully

If you want to increase visitor traffic to your own blog, do link building well. This method needs to be done and very influential on SEO blog. That is a process to create and increase the number and quality of inbound links. That is a link that leads to a page of your blog / website. When the quantity and quality of links that point to your website or blog gets higher, hence the popularity and visibility is also higher. In SEO, a ranking of a page will increase along with the increasing popularity of the page. Although the articles you post, including new, with its popularity, the article will be indexed quickly and have good SERP.

There are two kinds of links you should know before doing link building and learn more. Internal linking is a link from one web page to other pages on the same website, where it is associated. The purpose of internal links is easier for search engines to crawl, index pages and see the overall structure of the blog. A neat site structure that will make all the web pages indexed in search engines. Internal linking means to build navigation for a site on the website / blog itself. Better internal linking means better navigation for visitors as well as in the eyes of search engines.

While external link is a link on a web page that is in website other and vise versa. For example, you submit an article to article directory sites and include links web articles or blog. Thus you will be connected from the directory page to page article through the link. When you do link building, you also build the automatic internal links and external links well. More external quality links that point, the more important it blog page / website. Search engines then see it as the popularity and visibility of web page, therefore he then raised his ranking in the search engine pages (SERP).

Then how do link building well? First, you need to build internal building beforehand by:

1. Create navigation contains links to blogs and facilitate visitors.
2. Embed a link to a page other posts in a particular post in accordance with the anchor text and keywords that are related. It also allows the visitor to understand something that is not explained in a blog post page but explained in another page.
3. Avoid links to other blog pages using a redirect link, because search engines do not take into account the redirect link.

As for the external links can be done in many ways, there are even extreme measures like buy sell links and spam. But Google is strictly prohibited ways like that. You'll need to understand dofollow link in a link building. It is related to the presence of backlinks you will get.

From all of the above, you can do link building through other means like being a guest blogger. Therefore you can get acquainted with other bloggers and mutual ideas. A guest bloggers usually rewarded with one another to give the backline. But there is no harm in doing a variety of ways to expand the list above other people's blogs.